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Floor, Carpet, Grouted Tile, Vinyl Flooring Cleaning Services
ServiceMax has the expertise, experience, and professional equipment to handle all types of extra work your facility may need.  We have specially designed programs and procedures to clean vinyl flooring, carpet, grouted tile, and windows. We use cutting edge cleaning technologies to clean and maintain your environment. Not only does this make your environment a healthier place to be; it reduces the wear and tear on your carpets, floors and tile.

We use only the following to clean your facility, better for the environment and your health, assuring a clean office, home or building to live and/or work in. 

  • Micro-fiber cloths; dusting and sanitizing
  • Micro-fiber dust mops; before any wet or damp mopping
  • Micro-fiber flat mops; wet mopping small areas
  • HEPPA vacuum cleaners
  • Green certified cleaning supplies

When seeking a Detailed, Professional Floor, Grouted Tile, Vinyl Flooring and Carpet Cleaning Company in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, consider ServiceMax Cleaning Services for your Commercial and Janitorial Office Cleaning Needs. Looking for Insured, Licensed, Bonded, Affordable Carpet, Grouted Tile, Vinyl Flooring and Floor Cleaners, Contractors or Crews in AZ for your Business?

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